Traditional French Puppet Show - Guignol

Guignol is off to market with his girlfriend Madelon and he asks Gnafron to look after Charlotte the Donkey while he is away, but Gnafron falls asleep and Charlotte wanders off.

When the farmers prize pig is stolen Gnafron is arrested by the Gendarme.

Can Guignol catch the real thief and save his friend from prison?

What happened to the Pig and where is Charlotte the Donkey?

Find out in this tale of Guignol and the Prize Pink Pig

Guignol - a traditional french puppet show

Moon Carrot's show is performed in english with simple french words and phrases and is a great choice for french theme events.

For schools and groups wishing to incorporate the show as a part of their french teaching - the amount of french used in the show can be adjusted to suit the age and vocabulary level of students.

You can find further information about show lengths, space required plus booking information including payment and cancellation terms here








Guignol Puppet Show
Guignol Puppet