Technical Specifications and Booking Information

Show Lengths: 30 minutes per puppet show unless a shorter performance is requested

Performances: up to a max of 3 x puppet show performances per day can be booked

Booth Dimensions:

  • Traditional Puppet Booth: 220cm x 70cm x 140cm as a minimum 2.5 metres square plus audience seating area. Height clearance of 2.5 metres is required.
  • Puppet Cart: dimensions 150cm x 60cm x 200cm - the cart is able to pass through a standard doorway.

Amplification:  is 12 volt and self contained

Outdoor performances:

  • In extremely high winds or heavy rain/snow you will need to provide an alternative indoor/undercover venue for performances.
  • Traditional booth: is pegged on grass or weighted on hard surfaces for stability
  •  Medieval cart booth: will require an undercover performance area if the weather is inclement.

Parking & travel costs: you will need to provide access and parking close to the performance area. Travel costs to and from the venue are included in the fee unless otherwise stated. You will need to cover any additional parking costs on the day if free parking cannot be provided. If accommodation costs are required these will be agreed at the time of booking.

Public Liability and Risk Assessments: will be provided on request once the booking has been made

Booking Confirmations: Once a booking is agreed a contract will be sent out stating fee, booking date(s), venue, number & type of shows, timings plus any additional information. You can find our booking form here

Payment terms: are generally a 25% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking and payment in full 3 weeks prior to the event unless otherwise agreed. An Invoice will be sent out with the contract.

Cancellation terms are: 50% of fee if cancellation is made within 30 days and full fee if cancellation is made within 14 days of the event.