A Rabbit that loves carrots, a Fox who just has has to steal things and Waz the Wizard with his broken hat are just some of the characters in this puppet show which guarantees thrills, spills and a magical finish.

It's a very special day but Rabbit can't remember why and when her friend Prickly the hedgehog arrives with a present she's very surprised.

Things get tricky when the present is stolen by Fox and Rabbit has to look for Waz the Wizard to help get the present back.

Will Waz's hat finally work and where is the present - only the audience can help and make Rabbit's birthday wishes come true.

A Puppet Show with Magic and lots of Carrots

This show is all about Rabbit's exciting birthday. It's got  a lot of audience participation, includes plenty of singing, the joys of gardening and eating vegetables particularly carrots.

Children love Rabbit who is shy but brave and are eager to help her find her present.

Nobody enjoys a boo like Fox who loves being the baddy in the story.

The show was written for an age range of 3 - 10 years but will be enjoyed for all the family.

This show is great for any animal themed events, food festivals and events celebrating gardening, vegetables and flowers. Oh and the joys of eating carrots feature quite highly in the show there's even a song about it.

It's also suitable for magic themes with Waz and his magic hat saving the day along with just a little help from the audience.

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Rabbits Magic Adventure Puppet Show