Punch and Judy


Many people have never seen a traditional Punch and Judy Show. The flavour of each individual performance depends on the puppeteer or Punch Professor and of course upon the audience. A typical Punch and Judy show will contain the classic story involving a range of characters. It's a moral tale derived from the Italian commeddia dell'arte theatre which has survived the test of time.

Mr Punch after failing as a parent sparks off a series of events with a host of characters as he defies attempts to punish him for his misdeeds in this traditional slapstick morality tale.

Meeting on the way amongst others a policeman, a crocodile, a doctor and the devil himself.

Mr Punch uses violence to thwart the powers of good sense but always carries the audience with him.

Punch the lovable rogue appeals to our inner rebel and manages to escape with his personality intact.

Performed from a striped puppet booth the show has been performed at numerous events including festivals and fetes.

The show is suitable for all the family and is highly interactive.

For schools and groups wishing to incorporate the show as a part of their history and culture teaching - the vocabulary used in the show can be adjusted to suit the age and ability of the students.

The show is suitable for UK primary schools looking at topics around Victorian England, Seaside, Puppetry and culture in the UK.

This show is suitable for events and can also be performed at schools along with either a a talk or workshop suitable for the age of the children.

You can find further information about show lengths, space required plus booking information including payment and cancellation terms here

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Punch and Judy on the booth playboard
Punch and Judy performance
punch and judy puppet show