The Flea Circus

The flea circus is a minature show performed by our tiny stars The Fleas.

These tiny artistes amaze and enchant the audience with their larger than life antics.

Swinging on the trapeze, walking the high wire and performing as living canon balls. They transform their tiny arena with a magical circus spectacular leaving the crowd gasping for more.

Laughing and crying with delight audiences will be enthralled and delighted by the show.

 A theatrical tour de force for events large and small

Performed with panache from it's bespoke suitcase arena. The flea show is a truly intimate performance for all ages.

With tiny props, a colourful circus scene and of course starring The Fleas. This is a small show with big ambitions.

The Flea Circus show is perfect for themed historical events. The individual flea artistes are introduced by a suitably costumed flea master acting as circus ringmaster.

It's a funny show which packs a big punch as the flea master informs and entertains the audience with plenty of flea related information

An unusual act with a long pedigree. Flea Circuses have been entertaining audiences since the 1820's as sideshow acts at fairs and festivals. Popular at the turn of the century they featured at many events in Victorian England. The show is still in demand today for Victorian, Dickensian and Georgian themed events. Current audiences are intrigued by the show. In our digital age it's a breath of fresh air and a reminder of simpler times.

The show can be performed indoor or outdoors. It only needs enough space for the tiny stage and room for an audience.

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the flea circus