Toby and The Sausages

An adventurous puppet show starring Toby the Dog and his best friend Bone.

When Toby is left in charge of Mrs Chippolata's sausages with strict instructions not to eat them before tea time things start to go badly wrong.

First his best friend Bone runs away, then a crocodile eats the sausages.

Will Toby get the sausages back.

What happened to Bone and can the Policeman save the day?

A puppet show with lots of action and plenty of opportunity for the audience to join in.

The show was written for an age range of 3 - 10 years and is great for any animal themed events, Dog and Pet shows, Fundays, Festivals and special Family occasions.

It has been performed at a range of events and is always popular.

It is often booked in place of a more traditional Punch and Judy show as it contains some of the same characters and events without any of the more extreme antics of Mr Punch.

Characters in the show include Mrs Chippolata, Toby the Dog, Bone, the Crocodile and the policeman. These are all hand or glove puppet characters.

The show is particularly suitable for schools or groups who wish to have a puppet making workshop.

Toby and the Sausages as a show is used to illustrate plot creation and development and to give students a springboard for their own ideas. They can then begin to plot their own short puppet plays or skits. Creating  simple hand and glove puppets from card and scrap materials to perform their piece.

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Toby and the Sausages Puppet Show audience sitting on haybales at a fete
Toby and the Sausages Puppet Show - excited children in audience